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ALPHA BRAVA’s Employee Of The Month series is a set of candid conversations with alphas who inspire us. Think more vulnerability and personal stories, less surface small-talk. In these intimate interviews, our guests share their work-life journeys, career obstacles, and best life advice.

March '24: Patrice

How the Honorable Patrice DeGuzman went from 37 cents in the bank to next-generation judge.

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December '23: Heidi

Imposter syndrome is real. Even for Heidi, double board-certified doctor, world-class citizen, and compassionate advocate. The remedy? Grace, tenacity, and patients.

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November '23: Kate

Meet Kate. A San Francisco litigator, Corgi mom, recreational-but-should-be-professional photographer… the list goes on. But no matter what hat she’s wearing, she always finds beauty in the little...

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